The General Policing Group has been established to carry out the following role within the Ministry:-

  • Receipt of complaints.
  • Attending incidents and events.
  • Investigation of offences punishable by less than 5 years imprisonment.
  • Traffic duties.
  • Community Policing.
  • Custodial Services

A General Policing service shall be provided at all major stations on a 24 hour basis, 7 days per week for the entire year. Strict supervision and management of General Duties personnel is to be imposed and members of the Group will be expected to perform their duties diligently and according to the instructions that are outlined below. Patrols shall be provided, both foot and mobile with the major aim of the Group being the prevention of crime and disorder.

The purpose of this policy is to advise members of the Ministry on the establishment, role and responsibilities of the General Policing Group


The following definitions shall apply:-

  • General Policing: Shall mean the General Policing Group of the Ministry
  • Ministry: Shall mean the Ministry of Police and Prisons
  • Patrols: Shall mean foot and mobile patrols of public areas

General policing is the backbone of policing and provides both the ‘shopfront’ and first response capacity when people require police services. As such it is vitally important that a high quality of service is provided including prompt response to calls for assistance, and courteous service to members of the public making inquiries with the police. It is also important that police who are on patrol, create a favourable image of the Ministry through looking smart in uniform and in acting in a disciplined manner at all times.

Responsibilities of General Policing Group

  • Provide a 24-hour counter where the public can obtain police assistance.
  • Complete the ‘Details of Complaint’ form for all complaints.
  • Deal with lost and found property.
  • Attend to incidents and events.
  • Investigations.
  • Care of Custodies and Prisoners.
  • Escort of Custodies and Prisoners.
  • Execution of warrants.
  • Sporting and major event policing.
  • Security at Government buildings.
  • Enforcement of Road Traffic Laws.
  • School traffic management.
  • Beat.
  • Mobile patrol.
  • Search and Rescue assistance as appropriate.
  • Policing of Night Clubs.
  • Raids (Execution of search warrants).
  • Service of summonses.
  • Transport.
  • VIP escort and security.
  • Head of State escort and security.


The General Policing Group will cover 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year.

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