To provide professional investigative services on behalf of the Samoa Police Service within the jurisdiction of the Independent State of Samoa with particular emphasis on victim care. To establish whether or not a crime has been committed and where it was committed and using investigative and specialist skills establish the identity of the offender or offenders. To arrest those suspected of committing crimes and to provide the necessary evidence in accordance with the law to prosecute those responsible.


To complete the following to the required standard:

  • Record crime complaints when reported directly to the C.I.D
  • Investigation of criminal offences as defined by Policy
  • Provide assistance to all officers in crime matters when appropriate to do so
  • Liaise with victims and provide assistance when necessary and inform Victim Support
  • Locate and ensure serious crime scenes are made secure and the evidence protected
  • Interview and record statements from victims, witnesses and reporting persons
  • Legally obtain, retain and protect exhibits required as evidence in a court of law 
  • Attend and investigate all violent or unnatural deaths including suicides
  • Be involved in the pre-planning of Police operations and liaise as necessary
  • Execution of all warrants when directed to do so by C.I.D supervisors
  • Liaise with the Forensic team to ensure all scenes are examined professionally.
  • Ascertain the identity of offenders in serious crime using investigative methods
  • Arrest of offenders suspected of crime and transport to the Watchhouse   
  • Ensure arrested persons are fingerprinted and photographed upon charge to the required  standard
  • Interview suspects to establish the truth in accordance with the law
  • To compile all prosecution case files within the set time scales
  • Service of summonses on witnesses required by the Court
  • Liaise with the Office of the A/G and attend court when required to do so
  • Ensure the attendance of witnesses at court when directed to do so
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