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Crime can be defined as an action or an omission which constitutes an offence and is punishable by law.

There are various ways you can report a crime. Always call 995 in an emergency. For non-emergencies contact your local police station.

In terms of an Emergency: call 995

A police emergency is when:

  • Someone is badly injured or in danger
  • Someone is at risk of violence or property is about to be damaged
  • A serious off­ence is in progress
  • A suspect is at the scene or an early arrest is likely
  • Serious disruption to the public is likely
  • Very serious crime (e.g. rape, grievous bodily harm etc.)
  • Any of these things are happening now or have just happened

If you can’t decide if it’s a real emergency and you’re still worried, call 995 and ask us. We’ll help you work out what to do.

Non-emergency: contact your nearest police station
Phone or visit your nearest police station (/stations):

  • to report incidents or crimes that have already happened (e.g. theft) sometime in the past and a rapid police response is not likely to affect the outcome
  • for general enquires

Reporting crime by phone
The phone will be answered by police officers and they will be able to tell you what to do next.

Staff will collect as much information as possible about your complaint.

As with any complaint taken by Police, it will be analyzed to see whether there is sufficient information to pursue. Police will contact you to let you know what action has been taken.

Reporting crime in person
You don’t need to make an appointment.  Talk to officer on the front desk and they will tell you what to do next. Depending on your complaint you may be able to speak to an officer straight away or you may need to make an appointment to come back.

Reporting rape or sexual assault
We understand that reporting a rape or sexual assault is very difficult, but we will make sure that you get the support you need to help you through. Get advice for victims pf rape or sexual assault.

Reporting a bad driver or traffic incident
You can call 995 if it’s an emergency, or visit any of our nearest station


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